Journal "Inland Water Biology"

№ 3 за 2000 год

Solntseva I.O.

Yeasts accompanying of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha (Pall.)).

Gagarin V.G.

New species of nematodes from waterbodies of Russian Arctica.

Vekhov N.V.

Crustaceans from waterbodies of polar deserts on the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago (euro-arctic region of the Barents sea).

Mineeva N.M.

Pigment characteristics of plankton in reservoirs and their variability in waters of different trophic conditions.

Yelisarova V.A.

Manganese and copper as phytoplankton growth factors in a mesotrophic waterbody (Rybinsk reservoir).

Devyatkin V.G., Meteleva N.Yu., Mitropolskaya I.V.

Hydrophysical factors of phytoplankton productivity in the littoral zone: correlative interaction between hydrophysical factors and phytoplankton productivity.

Lyashenko O.A.

Seasonal dynamics and long-term changes of phytoplankton and chlorophyll content in the Uglich reservoir.

Verbitsky V.В, Verbitskaya Т.I.

The upper thermal tolerances of the Daphnia longispina (O.F. Mull., 1785) (Crustacea: Cladocera) and its connection with environmental temperatures.

Skalskaya I.А.

The zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha Pall.) in the Upper Volga: spreading, populational structure and modern rates of reproduction.

Bakanov A.I.

Benthos of an open water of lake Nero.

Ivanov V.K.

Horizontal distribution of macrozoobenthos in small lakes in the south of the Vologda region.

Kuznetsov V.A.

Analysis of yearlings abundance in the littoral habitats of the Upper Kuibyshev reservoir.

Lapirova Т.В.

Changes in indices of white blood in carp under effect of melathion and immunization.

Mikryakova Т.F., Papchenkov V.G.

Accumulation of heavy metals in umbrella reed in the Volga part of the Rybinsk reservoir.

Negrobov O.P.

"Principles of ecology and nature management. Hydrosphere".

Mikheeva Т.М.

International scientific conference "Lake ecosystems, biological processes, anthropogen transformation, water quality".

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