Diatoms of Mongolia.

Dorofeyuk N.I., Kulikovskiy M.S.

Diatoms of Mongolia.

Издательство: Moscow.

Год издания: 2012.

Объем: 367 с.


The algal flora of Mongolia received much attention in the 20* century. This book, prepared as an annotated list, summarize results of the comprehensive research on fossil and recent taxa based on our results and publications. We discuss taxonomic composition and distribution of algae in Mongolia. The water bodies studies belong to the catchments of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans as well as to the Central Asian Internal Drainage Basin, and are located in 11 natural (in terms of landscape and climate) regions. Analysis of our data and all known literary sources about diatoms in Mongolia has revealed 1393 specific and infraspecific taxa (1198 species from 120 genera). Investigations during last ten years revealed 594 specific and infraspecific taxa new for Mongolia, 108 of them are new for science. The centric (Coscinodiscophyceae) taxa are represented by 13 genera and 76 specific and infraspecific taxa, the pennate (Bacillariophyceae) are represented by 1317 specific and infraspecific taxa from 107 genera and 1131 species. One new species Nupela mongolocollegarum Kulikovskiy & Dorofeyuk sp. nov. is described in this monograph. The book is intended for algologists, hydrobiologists, ecologists and students.

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