Research studies

Investigation of variability forming during ontogenesis and through generations of hydrobionts

Head: Yuri Izyumov

Diversity and structural -functional organization of freshwater ecosystem algocenosis

Head: Ludmila Korneva

A comparative study of development and adaptation of aquatic organisms and communities to environmental factors of the different genesis in natural and model ecosystems

Head: Vladimir Verbitsky

The vegetation cover of water and wetland ecosystems

Head: Vladimir Papchenkov

Studying of the parasite fauna of poorly investigated fish species and fish-invaders of Volga River; comparative analysis of larvae trematodes diversity in freshwater fishes of Ethiopia and Viet-Nam

Head: Aleksandr Zhokhov

Biology of species and communities of water invertebrates in natural and anthropogenically manipulated environments

Head: Aleksandr Krylov

Physiological, biochemical and immunological mechanisms of adaptations to the natural and anthropogenic environmental factors in aquatic animals

Head: Grigorii Chuiko

Dynamic features of flora and vegetation of the Volga water reservoirs with different level regime

Head: Vladimir Papchenkov

The role of transitional forms in the formation and maintenance of biodiversity in ecosystems of small rivers with disturbed hydrological regime

Head: Aleksandr Krylov

Monitoring of plant resources in the Volga reservoirs

Head: Vladimir Papchenkov

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