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The laboratory was organized in 1979 on the basis of Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters USSR Academy of Sciences by Lukyanenko V.I., representing the scientific school of the physiologist Pavlov I.P.; in 2014 it was integrated with “Molecular Technologies” center (2004-2014). The purpose and directions of research are the search and study of biochemical adaptation mechanisms of aquatic organisms with the participation of proteins and genetic regularities of adaptations. Research are conducted within several scientific sections: (1) the structural and functional organization of proteins in aquatic organisms; proteins and osmoregulation; proteins and respiration, (2) genetic determination of proteins; reorganizations of genetic material, analysis of their consequences. The methodical complex includes traditional methods of biochemistry, physiology (and others) and modern genomic and post-genomic technologies. Achievements of laboratory: new, previously unknown, mechanisms of osmoregulation with participation of lipid transporters and various strategies of plasma proteome organization in Pisces are detected; an evolutionary model of plasma proteome organization in Teleostei is devised; a hypothesis about the features of the genetic determination of proteins in Acipenseriformes is established and other concepts are developed.
Тема госзадания

Физиолого-биохимические и иммунологические реакции гидробионтов под действием биотических и абиотических факторов окружающей среды.

Руководитель: Sc.D. G. M. Chuiko

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Приспособительные реакции гидробионтов, биохимические и молекулярно-генетические механизмы их устойчивого развития в составе водных экосистем.

Руководитель: Sc.D. A. M. Andreeva

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Andreeva A.M.

Bolshakov V.V.
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Filippova A.E.
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Garina D.V.
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Kamshilov I.M.
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Kuzmin E.V.
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Lamash N.E.
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Makrushin A.V.
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Pavlova V.V.
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Stolbunova V.V.
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