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Botanic studies had started in Borok long before foundation of the Institute. In 1933 a corresponding member Alexander P. Schennikov with a group of scientists made a research on the territory of Mologo-Sheksninskaya lowland in order to create Rybinsk reservoir later. A.P. Schennikov and N.A. Morozov initiated the establishment of a scientific institution in Borok. That was A.P. Schennikov who conducted and managed botanic studies in the Rybinsk reservoir until 1950, and who was actually the head of Morozov Biological station “Borok” AS USSR. After I.D. Papanin had come to Borok, A.P. Schennikov left the Biological station forever and hydrobotanic studies were being made in different laboratories for long periods of time (1952 – 1962 – laboratory of phytoplankton, phytobenthos and riparian plants; 1962 – 1970 – laboratory of ecology and physiology of aquatic plants; 1970 – 1977 – laboratory of microbiology).
The laboratory of aquatic plants appeared in 1977. Vadim A. Ekzertsev, сandidate of biological sciences, senior scientist, was its founder and chief. In February 1989 this laboratory was abolished and laboratory of algology and laboratory of higher aquatic plants were created instead of it. V.A. Ekzertsev was the head of the last one until June 1989. Lyudmila I. Lisitsyna, candidate of biological sciences, was an acting head of the laboratory until February 1990. Vladimir G. Papchenkov, doctor of biological sciences, professor, led the laboratory from 1990 till June 2013. Nowadays the head is Alexander G. Lapirov, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor.
Тема госзадания

Растительный покров водоёмов и водотоков России: структура и динамика.

Руководитель: Ph.D. A. G. Lapirov

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