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The founder of immunological research in the Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters Russian Academy of Sciences (IBIW RAS) was a prominent specialist in the field of infectious pathology and immunology of fish, Dr. Sc. G. D. Goncharov, who worked at the institute from 1957 to 1974. In 1984, Dr. Sc. professor V.R. Mikryakov organized a group of immunology, which in 1996 was transformed into a laboratory. He managed the laboratory until 2007. Currently, the laboratory is headed by Ph.D. D.V. Mikryakov.
Тема госзадания

Физиолого-биохимические и иммунологические реакции гидробионтов под действием биотических и абиотических факторов окружающей среды.

Руководитель: Sc.D. G. M. Chuiko

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Balabanova L.V.
Sen. R. Sc.

German A.V.
Res. Sc.

Kuzmicheva S.V.
J. R. Sc.

Mikryakov D.V.

Mikryakov V.R.
Ch. R. Sc.

Silkina N.I.
Sen. R. Sc.

Sokolova A.S.
Res. Sc.

Suvorova T.A.
Res. Sc.

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