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The laboratory was founded in 1996. The existing theme was suggested by A.V. Yablokov, whose ideas largely determined direction of studies. The researches were always focused on the study of variability, as an inherent property of living beings. In the 1990s, the activities were aimed at the studying for population structure of common Eurasian freshwater fish species. A system of morphological features which variability adequately reflects the historical, geographical and ecological splitting of species into groups was suggested. When the possibilities of expeditions along the ranges of species became lower, the laboratory has focused on experimental studies. Since 2003, the studying of the influence of artificial and natural magnetic fields on hydrobionts was started.
Laboratory staff explores the variability of hydrobionts in all its manifestations at different levels of the organization: in nature and in experiments. A special attention is paid to clarifying the ways of variability formation.
Тема госзадания

Сравнительное изучение границ межгрупповой и индивидуальной изменчивости гидробионтов в природе и в эксперименте.

Руководитель: Ph.D. V. V. Krylov

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Chebotareva Y.V.
Sen. R. Sc.

Izyumov Y.G.
L. R. Sc.

Komova N.I.
Res. Sc.

Kozhara A.V.
Res. Sc.

Krylov V.V.

Mironovskiy N.A.
Sen. R. Sc.

Osipova E.A.
J. R. Sc.

Papchenkova G.A.
Res. Sc.

Subbotkin M.F.
Sen. R. Sc.

Subbotkina T.A.
Sen. R. Sc.

Svirskaya A.N.
Res. Sc.

Talikina M.G.
Sen. R. Sc.

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